Assembly of the Republic of Kosovo

The President of the Parliament Daci welcomed the new director of NDI in Kosovo, Chad Rogers


The President of the Assembly of Kosovo, Nexhat Daci, today welcomed in a exploring meeting the director of National Democratic Institute for Kosovo, Mr. Chad Rogers who was accompanied by the previous director of NDI Tomas Bridle.

In the meeting it was discussed about the support that could be offered in future to the institutions of Kosovo by employees of this much known American institution.

The President of the Parliament thanked NDI for the given support on functioning of parliamentary committees of the Assembly of Kosovo and on drafting of laws and was open for cooperation in the future.

Ex-director of NDI, Bridle, was focused in the work that the Institution has done during five passed years, especially for democratization of political parties of Kosovo, meanwhile Mr. Rogers wanted to know in what direction the support of NDI should be extended for the Assembly of Kosovo

Professor Daci expressed the idea that the support should consist in the implementation of adopted legislation.