Assembly of the Republic of Kosovo

The President of the Parliament Daci welcomed the Head of OSCE in Kosovo, Werner Wnendt


The President of the Assembly of Kosovo, Nexhat Daci, today, welcomed the Head of OSCE in Kosovo, Werner Wnendt and has discussed with him regarding the developments in Kosovo in vigil of the status definition of the country, regulation of next elections and for the issue of future cooperation between the legislative of the country and OSCE.

Interlocutors agreed that the work of OSCE in organizing the four times elections in Kosovo was excellent and have expressed their visions on organizing coming elections.

The ambassador Wnendt emphasized that even coming elections will be held according to the UNMIK™s regulation, meanwhile the President of the Parliament Daci insisted that the issue should be regulated with special law. In the end interlocutors agreed that the Government of Kosovo, UNMIK, OSCE and the Assembly shall cooperate in drafting the Law on elections.

Regarding the guest™s interests for democratic spaces that are enabled by the legislative of the country, Daci emphasized that all the opinions of the representatives of political subjects in the Assembly are heard, but at the end the decision is made by the majority of votes. He even has strictly stated that should not be represented to the institutions of Kosovo proposals which are not functioning anywhere in Europe. Meanwhile, regarding the proposed Resolution from the Head of PDK, he said that the procedures should be respected conform the mandate that the working Group took from the plenary session and when the conditions are fulfilled, the Presidency will gather and decide to put it in the agenda for approval.

The ambassador Wnendt has noticed that OSCE will prepare all the mechanisms of negotiation Group for status definition of Kosovo as follows: stimulation of negotiations, drafting of agreements, establishing the negotiation strategy etc.

The President of the Parliament, meanwhile, requested that Kosovo should have inter-parliamentary cooperation and establish the mechanisms of the Assembly who will arrange and follow this cooperation.

Both interlocutors agreed that it was achieved a good partnership between the Assembly and OSCE, which should continue even after the definition of the status of Kosovo.