Assembly of the Republic of Kosovo

The President of the Parliament Daci visited the Administrative-Protocol Center in Germia


The President of the Assembly of Kosovo, Nexhat Daci, accompanied by the minister for Environment and Spatial Planning, Ardian Gjini and other main leaders of the Municipality of Prishtina, today, visited the place of construction of the Administrative-Protocol Center in Germia and was informed with the maintenance of the works on building the premise.

Professor Daci was satisfied with the dynamic of works from the enterprise Mega, meanwhile requested that the quality of the work should be evaluated by construction experts. He estimated the construction of such building as very important, which will be on use of institutions of Kosovo for work, welcoming external delegations and for their good presentation towards the world. He requested from the doer and municipal leaders to regulate the space around the building and to use lots of water in the function of beautifying the environment.

Daci emphasized that new things are absorbed with difficulty from a part of society, but he stated that the comfort of the Center will be rejoiced even by the part of criticizers of its construction. He also said that Kosovo will be a state and needs to have its residencies, noticing the functioning of few of them, as well as the one in Blinajë and Brezovice and the rebuilding of the one at the Rugova Vent.

The Minister Ardian Gjini emphasized that this representative premise is very legal and it can only decorate the picturesque environment of Germia.

The Mayor of Municipal Assembly of Prishtina and the one of Executive, Beqiri and Hamiti have pointed that for the Administrative-Protocol Center was chosen the best place in Prishtina and the capitol of Kosovo deserved such a residency for institutions of the country.