Assembly of the Republic of Kosovo

Resolution of the Assembly of Kosova



Pristine, November 17nth , 2005

* Pursuant to the Card of United Nations Organization on the right of people for Self- Determination, as well as based on other International Acts;

* Taking into consideration the legitimate aspiration of Kosovo Population to leave in Freedom and peace with other people;

* Based to Historical, Juridical and Constitutional developments of Kosovo Expressed to the Conference of Bunjajt (1943-44) , to the Constitutional Declaration of July 2nd , 1990, based to the Referendum of 1991, as well as to the Resolution of the Assembly of Kosova on 1991, for Kosova an Independent and Sovereign State;

* Based to the long war of Kosova People for Freedom and Independence;
* Based to the general resistance against the occupation and based as well to the armed war of Kosova Liberation Army ;

* Confirming the guarantee for protection of rights for all Communities in Kosovo According to all International Standards;

* Pursuant to the Programs of Political Parties on Kosova Political Status ;

* Having high estimation for NATO Intervention in Kosova, to prevent the genocide and ethnic cleansing exercised by Serbia in Kosovo , having as well high Estimation for International assistance given to Kosova;

Assembly of Kosova issues the following:



1. Assembly of Kosova reconfirms the will of Kosova people for Kosova an Independent and Sovereign State;

2. Assembly of Kosova guarantee the reconfirmation on political will of Kosova people for Independence, through a referendum

3. Assembly of Kosova takes the obligation to issue the Constitution in compliance with European Union standards;

4. Assembly of Kosova requests for International support of United Nation Organization, Unites States of America, European Union as well as Other countries support for Kosova an Independent and Sovereign State

5. Assembly of Kosova expresses the willingness to ratify all recognized International Conventions and Acts on Human and Communities rights, issued by United Nation Organization, European Union, European Council and the Organization of Security and Cooperation in Europe

6. Assembly of Kosova is engaged for respecting and guaranteeing of human rights and Freedom for Kosova citizens and guaranteeing of Minority Community rights in a fully Compliance with international standards;

7. Assembly of Kosova is engaged for integration of Kosova into the Euro Atlantic Structures, welcoms their further engagement on Kosova gives the commitment for good relations with neighbor countries contributing to the stability of region ;

8. Assembly of Kosova guarantee the territorial integrity of Kosova and inviolability of Its borders

9. Assembly of Kosova confirms that will of Kosova people for Independence is Nonnegotiable

10. Assembly of Kosova supporting the Delegation of Kosova , will follow up the all working process and any decision for the future of Kosova will be ratified to the Assembly or through the Referendum;

Such Resolution introduces the legal and political ground for the Platform of Delegation of Kosova on the Independence of Kosova.