Assembly of the Republic of Kosova

Directorate for the Support of Parliamentary Committees

Fehmi Hyseni

Director of the Directorate for Support of Parliamentary Committees

The Directorate for Support of Parliamentary Committees is responsible for:
a. Providing legal-advisory, legislative and procedural services for parliamentary committees
b. Providing legal advice and written opinions on certain legal and procedural issues as well as direct assistance in drafting draft laws and amendments to draft laws
c. Providing assistance for drafting draft laws in cooperation with the other two relevant Directorates, in the General Directorate for Legal and Procedural Affairs (the primary responsible body is the Directorate for Legal Standardization, Approximation and Harmonization)
d. Preparation of agenda proposals and work plans for parliamentary committees, as well as their publication in cooperation with the Directorate for Media and Public Relations
e. Preparation of the scenario for the chairperson of the Committee to lead the meeting of the Committee
f. Drafting minutes and reports with recommendations for draft laws, reports for the oversight of the implementation of laws, reports on the work of independent bodies and annual and final reports
g. The order of amendments in the draft law for proceeding in the second reading with the comparative table (final report) consisting of three columns
h. Ensuring the transfer of relevant information for draft laws between functional and permanent committees

Phone: 038 200 10 611
Mob: 044 197 988
Email: [email protected]

The Directorate for Support of Parliamentary Committees consists of support staff organized in units for each committee