Assembly of the Republic of Kosova

Directorate of Information Technology (IT)

Vullnet Kabashi


The Directorate of Information Technology is responsible for:
a. The administration of the network and servers,
b. The administration of the electronic mail system (e-mail), DMS and other software segments,
c. Documenting, planning and keeping files, preparing software development for the Assembly's needs,
d. A technical system that includes: planning, management and documentation of electronic data processing for the Assembly's purposes, building capacities with advanced technology,
e. Managing and maintaining computer equipment and electronic networks,
f. Providing telephone services,
g. Providing user services (Help Desk),
h. Managing the information system through monitors,
i. Operating the directing system and electronic voting system,
j. Recording, mixing and broadcasting audio and video from the hall of the plenary session and other halls of its bodies,
k. Maintaining equipment systems for recording and translation in meeting rooms.

The Directorate of Information Technology is comprised of:
a. The Network and Server Administration Unit,
b. The Equipment Maintenance User Services Unit,
c. The Audio/video System and Electronic Voting System Support Unit.

Tel: 038 213 804, 038 200 10 420

Email: [email protected]