Assembly of the Republic of Kosovo

Faton Bislimi

Party:Democratic League of Kosovo (LDK)

Parliamentary group: Democratic League of Kosovo (LDK)

Committees: Committee on European Integration

Ethnicity: Albanian

Date of Birth: 12.02.1983

Place of Birth: Gjilan

Marital Status: Married

Education Level: Dr (PhD)

Languages other than Albanian: English; Serbocroatian (average), Spanish (basic)

Faton Bislimi

FATON “TONY” BISLIMI is an expert of international development and foreign affairs. A Canadian and American educated scholar, he has authored several refereed articles and academic book chapters mainly on state-building and international intervention in Kosovo, and US-EU relations and their impact on the Balkans region, as well as the US and Canada’s role in the region. Most recently, he has edited a volume on the unique story of Albanian rescue of Jews during the Holocaust, published by the Albanian American Foundation in New York.

He was born and raised in Gjilan, Kosovo, but spent most of his adult life in the US and Canada, pursuing higher education and working. In 2005, he graduated, summa cum laude, from Texas Lutheran University with a bachelor’s of science degree in computer science and a bachelor’s of arts degree in mathematics.  In 2007, he received a master’s degree in public administration and international development from Harvard University’s Kennedy School of Government, where he was a Kennedy Fellow.  In 2010, he graduated from Dalhousie University in Halifax, Canada, with a master’s degree in international relations, where he also served as a research fellow at the university’s Centre for Foreign Policy Studies. 

A recipient of many international academic and leadership awards and prizes, Bislimi has lectured at several international conferences on issues related to international education, economic and social development, conflict resolution, and interethnic relations.  He has worked in the developing world, mainly in Kosovo and the Balkans region, for several international and intergovernmental organizations (such as UNDP, USAID, RTI International, etc), and has also served as a lecturer at several universities in the US, Canada, and Kosovo, including the American University in Kosovo. 

Most recently, he has served as a Senior Fellow at the Kosovo Public Policy Center. He has pursued his Ph.D. in political science at the University of Alberta, in Canada, where he has been a recipient of a SSHRC Joseph Armand Bombardier Scholarship and an EU Centre of Excellence Doctoral Fellowship.  In 2015, he won the prestigious Marshall Memorial Fellowship from the German Marshall Fund of the United States.  In 2017, at the invitation of the German Presidency of the G20, he has become a member of the Think20 Task Force on Forced Migration, a position he continues to hold to date. In September 2019, he joined the Strategic Advisory Committee on Citizens' Diplomacy at the German Marshall Fund of the US.

A board member of the Albanian-American Civic League and Foundation, Bislimi has been a senior foreign policy adviser on Albanian national issues in the Balkans for over seventeen years, and has worked--through AACL--with several Members of Congress (both Democrat and Republican), as well as with US Administration and Canadian officials in increasing ties between his native Kosovo and the US as well as Canada.

His political involvement in Kosovo began as early as 2007 when he ran as an independent candidate for Mayor of Gjilan. Since December 2015, he served as a senior policy adviser and regional cooperation coordinator to the Mayor of Gjilan, Mr. Lutfi Haziri. In the 2017 local elections, Bislimi was head of the LDK list for the Municipal Assembly of Gjilan, won the election. As a Member of the Gjilan Municipal Assembly, he was elected as Chair of the Education Committee. In May 2018, he resigned from the Municipal Assembly to take on the position of Chief of Staff to the Mayor of Gjilan. In the 2019 national elections, Bislimi ran as an LDK candidate for the Parliament of Kosovo. He was sworn in on June 11, 2020 as a Member of Parliament of the Republic of Kosovo. Bislimi serves on the Parliamentary Committee on European Integration.

He is married and father of three children.

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