Assembly of the Republic of Kosova

Role of Media and Public in the Work of the Assembly

All plenary sessions are public. The Assembly plenary hall provides space for citizens, who may follow the plenary session from the visitors’ gallery on the balcony.  Visitors are required to register in the Directorate for Media and Public Relations a few days before the session. Information on the agenda and data of the upcoming sessions can be found in the activities calendar published on the web-page of the Assembly.

The work of the Assembly is open and transparent. All Assembly sessions, committee meetings and other meetings, are announced in advance in the activities calendar, on the Assembly page on the internet. Information, minutes and transcriptions from the Assembly plenary sessions, as well as other daily work documents, are all published on the Assembly web page.

Journalist have access to the Assembly and they cover plenary meetings and committees. Within the plenary hall, journalist may cover the sessions from the hall dedicated to them, whereas cameramen and photojournalists can do that from the gallery (balcony). 

These environments provide them the necessary workspace and voice coverage in all the working languages of the Assembly. This enables non-Albanian media to follow the work of the Assembly.

In addition to providing coverage infrastructure for the journalists, the Assembly is also equipped for its one broadcast production. All plenary sessions are broadcasted live on the public broadcaster and the webpage of the Assembly.

Directorate for Media and Public Relations also covers all events and meetings in the Assembly or related to the Assembly, prepares press releases which are then published on the Assembly webpage together with photos and sent electronically to all the accredited media.